Saturday, November 27, 2021

Securing Both Their Jobs


Front page story in yesterday's paper: $4.3M given to Sheriff's Office for border security. 

Naturally Henry Cuellar has to drive the narrative.

Every year, the resources provided by the Stonegarden Program assist our local law enforcement in their efforts to protect our border community, Cuellar said.  The funds provide new, updated equipment that is essential to improve operations, pay for operating expenses, and with money to pay for overtime hours, we can provide the necessary manpower to keep our community safe at all times. 

Since 2008, I have secured more than $45 million in Operation Stonegarden funds for Webb County and delivered over $123 million in total OPSG funding.  With my seat in Appropriations, I will continue to provide our local law enforcement with more federal funds to keep our South Texas communities safe and secure.  I want to thank Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar, as well as the local, state and federal officers for their commitment to helping to secure our southern border. 

End quote.

Every year since 2008 Henry Cuellar has repeated the same script and held the same photo ops, all while giving himself credit.  The huge banner in the photo above (via LMT) is new.  He's not leaving anything to chance when there are only 79 days left until early voting starts [Feb. 14].  This time around Cuellar has two female challengers. 

Clipping from January 2016: fact of the day.

Both Henry and Sheriff Martin Cuellar have shared in their self-congratulatory maneuvering come election time.  They give themselves total credit for supposedly securing grant money every year.  It's the same game plan every year, with Henry and Martin feeding off of each other. 

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