Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Actual Scenery In Laredo


I took these photos on May 7, 2021, after I noticed that someone had turned the four city blocks between the I-35 terminus and bridge 2 into wildflower meadows.  While there, I noticed a bunch of flying insects enjoying the new digs.  This has turned into an actual destination in our expansive concrete jungle.  Kudos to the gardeners who made this happen. 

UPDATE: June 15, 2021: the people in charge of tending these city blocks recently mowed everything down.  I'll check in periodically to see if any of the wildflowers rise again during the summer months. 

UPDATE: June 28, 2021: I took a walk at the downtown grassland blocks (coining that name) and noticed that the flowers are coming back, thanks to the irrigation system.  Some flowers are even settling in through the cracks in the cement. 

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