Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Covid Vaccination Laredo Texas


Laredoans looking to get the vaccine to fight Covid-19 have to register at VaccinateLaredo.com.  Those without computer access can call 311 for assistance.  If you're lucky enough to get through, you'll be asked to provide your: name, date of birth, address, telephone number and email.  You'll also be asked to select the location and time for the vaccination, and if you belong to the 1A or 1B group.  

Once you finish, you should get a confirmation for the appointment.  Sites for the drive-thru vaccine clinics have been: select LISD schools, select UISD schools, the arena and Laredo College South. 

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At the vaccination site, wait times can be between 30 minutes and one hour.  Make sure you have an ID.  Staff has a list of the people who have an appointment at each particular site. 

Once in line, you will have to fill out and sign a consent form.  Your basic information is required, including your mother's maiden name.  Be sure to fill out the space for your phone number; staff may use that to call you with a reminder for the second vaccine dose.

On the vaccine checklist, you'll be asked about previous vaccine allergies, the use of blood thinners or immunosuppressive drugs, and if you've had Covid-19 in the past.  Having a doctor's order for the vaccine  helps staff determine whether it's safe for some clients to get vaccinated.

The vaccine is injected in the deltoid muscle, in the upper arm.  Wearing a short sleeve garment helps to access the injection site.  

You will be given a vaccine card that includes: your name, date of birth, the type of immunization (Moderna, Pfizer), the date of vaccination, and the date to return for the subsequent dose. 

After receiving the vaccine, you'll be directed to an observation area to be monitored for fifteen minutes or more.  Staff should be available to treat serious side effects, such as severe rash, shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, etc. 


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