Sunday, January 10, 2021

Capitol Attack Aftermath


Rep. Henry Cuellar was at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday when Republican extremists stormed the building to contest the certification of the Electoral College votes.  Congress and their staffers had to go into lockdown mode.  Capitol police did their best to repel the angry mob of thousands.  However, their preparedness and handling of the invasion is being called into question.  Many are raising concerns about the lack of forethought put into that day, considering that Donald Trump held a rally that morning for his maniacal supporters.  He, Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Ted Cruz used inflammatory language to rile up the masses, spewing their thoughts about an illegitimate election.  The result was an attempted coup.

In today's Laredo Times story by Jorge Vela, Henry Cuellar labeled the Capitol attackers as traitors and agreed that impeachment is necessary to remove Trump from office, even though time is running out and Joe Biden is set to be sworn in on January 20, 2021.  

Local party chairs expressed their concerns with the Times on Thursday (J. Vela story/photo above) 

Democratic Party Chair Sylvia Bruni: We've had a man in the White House who has spent four years sowing anger and distrust for our country's political system, for the rule of law, for the people's voice.  And (he's grown) more and more desperate as the time comes for him to face what's waiting for him outside the protection of his office. 

Republican Party Chair Tyler Kraus echoed Bruni's sentiments in calling the attack "grotesque" and "a slap in the face to our democracy."  But he wasn't going to lump the mob with the Republican party. 

What the political leanings of these people are, I don't know.  I know that they said that a lot of them were waving Trump flags, but I really hope that these people don't call themselves Republicans, as they are not really Republicans as far as any of us are concerned.  They are just radicals, and they should be charged criminally for what they did.  And that is our view as the Webb County Republican Party.  

Regarding Donald Trump:

I think he really has a good chance of running for president again in 2024.  I think he really has a large base, and I can attest to that from even my own county of Webb County.  If not, he is still going to have a really big impact in politics and policies to come, as his voice is heard, and a lot of people tune into the president and hear what he has to say.  I think he really has still a lot of pull politically in our country.

Twitter pulled the plug on Donald's feed, so I don't know what kind of voice he's going to have.  And legal problems may be on his tail as soon as he leaves office.  If we hear about Trump in the future, it may be from the media reporting on the probability of jail time for the one-term disaster.

It's amazing that Tyler Kraus dismisses the possibility that those that invaded the Capitol were Republican voters.  Extreme as they were, it should be acknowledged that they were Republican; the social media feeds of those who have been arrested shows it.  Their rhetoric matches what Trump and Ted Cruz have been saying all along.  The language of Fox News talking heads matches what these nuts believe.  If Kraus doesn't want to own this, then it's on him.  I mean, for chrissakes, he still supports Trump after EVERYTHING that has happened.  

One of the greatest ironies is that Republicans are the ones calling for unity now.  

The red caps with the words Make America Great Again should be identified as a symbol of extremism.  Donald Trump invented that and it should be lumped in with all the other trappings of modern-day extremists: the Stars and Bars flag, the slogans "Don't Tread On Me" and "Come And Take It"; open carry; military gear and attire in public settings; overt religious tones conflated with politics.  All of it stormed the Capitol on Wednesday and it should be a red flag for authorities.  There is no more room anymore for: we never imagined this would happen.

To be a Trump supporter is to be an extremist.  To make excuses for what happened on Wednesday at the Capitol is crazy.  There is no gray area to what occurred this week.  There was an attack on our Democracy and duplicitous thinking, benign as it may seem, is dangerous.   

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