Sunday, April 5, 2020

Laredo Covid Timeline: April

Wednesday, April 1, 2020: Officials announce third death from Covid-19. (The person passed away March 31.)

April 2: Laredo Times prints numbers of Covid-19 cases, including deaths, below their masthead.

April 3: The number of positive Covid-19 cases: 83. Five total deaths reported.

April 4: First death from Covid-19 occurs in Nuevo Laredo.

April 6: The number of positive Covid-19 cases: 122.  

April 7: City of Laredo ordered people to wear a mask any time they were out in public, including for activities like walking or bicycling. 

April 11: No live update given by city officials, only new numbers of Covid cases.

April 12: Easter.  Two more deaths are reported by officials, bringing the total to 8.  

April 15: 10 deaths reported, 239 positive cases of Covid-19.  
[Laredo firefighter dies of gunshot wound in an apartment; CBP officer is arrested.]

April 16: Drive-thru testing begins.  11 deaths reported, 267 positive cases.
[The bodies of 4 family members are discovered in south Laredo; a 20 year-old male was arrested.]

April 18: 267 positive cases of Covid-19. 

April 20: City council meets, decides to open trails and let people walk outside without a mask, unless there is someone else nearby. 
Positive Covid-19 cases: 281. 

April 21: 295 positive Covid cases. 

April 22: 302 positive cases and 12 total deaths. 

April 23: 321 positive cases.

April 24: 13th death reported, person was a nurse aide; 338 positive Covid-19 cases.  Retail-to-go started, with businesses allowed to sell their products curbside: customers not allowed to go inside stores.

April 25: 14 deaths total. 340 positive cases. 

April 26: 15th person died, a man in his 20s. 

Monday, April 27: HEB now open 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  Governor Abbott will allow retailers, movie theaters, malls, restaurants, museums, libraries to open May 1st, with occupancy recommendation capped at 25 percent.  Stay-at-home order will expire April 30. 

April 30: 363 positive Covid-19 cases -- 16 deaths. 

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