Wednesday, December 25, 2019

D Lister Making Grand Claims

Two days ago, Henry Cuellar tweeted that he "secured $50 million to support critical infrastructure projects" for areas that surround military bases.  This money will assist the Defense Community Infrastructure Program (DCIP), the brainchild of Washington state Congressman Denny Heck.  The plan was born five years ago.

Because roads, and other infrastructure, leading to military bases take on an added import, they need monies to be kept at an optimal level.  It's all a part of military readiness.  Funding may go towards: gate upgrades, stormwater management, and water security. (Jeannette Garcia, San Antonio Business Journal)

The 50 million for DCIP (underlined above) is included under the OCO/GWOT section.  OCO stands for Overseas Contingency Operations; and GWOT stands for Global War On Terror.  Spending under OCO/GWOT doesn't have many restrictions.  Apparently, money is no object in our post-911 world.

Henry Cuellar may or may not have singlehandedly secured millions of dollars for grant money to benefit municipalities.  Who's to know?  He's said in the past that he's a fiscal conservative, but he's all too eager to boast about new spending for an already bloated military budget.

Monies that fall under the auspices of OCO/GWOT will also benefit Space Force and the National Guard Youth Challenge, whatever that is.

It's funny how Cuellar is able to trivialize the dissemination of tons of money for expenditures that are lumped together in an emergency category.  For now let's just note that he's part of a committee that has no discernible members of Congress in it.  Spend away, Henry.

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