Saturday, June 8, 2019

Nouveau Food Delivery

This small, unassuming restaurant is located at the corner of Corpus Christi and Springfield Ave.  Its former name was Freddy's.  My grandmother used to deliver tacos from here to me when I worked at Mercy Hospital.  That was in the 1990s.  I was the luckiest person alive, I thought.

This eatery is now known as Cantu's Tacos; It's been so for a good number of years.  They even have a food truck to deliver tacos to remote places.

This spring I noticed that they started advertising their affiliation with Bite Squad, the service that delivers food to you through an electronic app.  It's a handy way of getting your food in the age of smart phones.  Twenty five years ago I would've never dreamed of something like this.  Las Flautitas - which no longer exists - was in the vicinity, and they used to deliver food to hospital employees.  Now it seems that everyone is getting in on the food delivery game with the use of apps like Favor, Uber Eats and Bite Squad.

Technology has offered us convenience.  But it the realm of food-to-go, a person has to have a good paycheck to be ordering in all the time.

(The photo above I took on May 26, 2019)

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