Sunday, January 6, 2019

Lurid Scenes

Before the runoff election took place last month, a video surfaced on FB that featured a chaotic scene at a local establishment.  An employee of the newly-opened PlaMor filmed a shouting match between chef Louie Bruni and businessman Roque Vela Jr.  (photo above taken FB post/video)

Bruni and Vela yelled their heads off at each other.  The chef was then quick to post the video on social media for us to see.

What's interesting about the video is that you had two grown men in each other's face, and it dropped as one of them was in the running for the office of mayor.  Vela ended up losing the race against incumbent Pete Saenz.  The video was not the deciding factor for voters, I think.  It was, however, a glimpse of Roque Vela's storied volatile behavior.

Making the rounds before the general election was a flier that listed Vela's run-ins with the law.  It was dirty laundry galore, courtesy of none-friends of Roque Vela Jr.  The info. made for great water cooler talk.  And it may be what future campaigns look like: third parties making their voices known through push ads.

But gutter politics aside, I want to mention one more thing about the viral video.  As the rogue videographer taped the fight on his phone, a lady tries to put an end to it.  She wags her finger at the employee while saying no!  She puts her hand on the phone, interrupting the visual.  She's then heard saying, don't touch me!  It's funny to me because she's invading an employee's space, getting physical, but demands not to be touched.  Everything that takes place in the clip is a lesson in what NOT to do in that type of situation.

Laredo politics don't disappoint.  If it's not the corruption that jars our sensibilities, it's the relationships that are made and the antics that come with it.

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