Friday, December 21, 2018

Mayor Gets Another Turn

(Photo courtesy of LMT: man making a phone call in the background doesn't look pleased.)

Mayor Pete Saenz was sworn in this afternoon for his 2nd term.  He beat Roque Vela Jr. in a runoff race on Thursday of last week.  As with any election, voter turnout was dismal.  That, however, didn't stop the Times from describing Saenz's win as a landslide.

The mayor received 13,972 votes, out of approximately 131,000 registered voters in Webb County.  Saenz won with about 10 percent of the electorate.  He was "grateful to the voter and to Jesus Christ to have allowed this result." (Julia Wallace - LMT)  The mayor went on to say, the people spoke with their vote, and this is what the community wanted.  End quote.

You have to hand it to the mayor for putting a positive spin on the end result.  He's the face of Laredo; Obviously he has to be as diplomatic as possible.  I'm happy for the mayor, but him invoking Jesus Christ and the Times using language like landslide is a bit much.  You can't make it out to be epic when it's actually unremarkable.

You're the mayor of Laredo, that's great, but you beat the guy with anger issues who ran on the promise of bringing back the garbage pick-up schedule of yesteryear.  Go ahead and pat yourself on the back but don't take yourself too seriously.  You're the mayor of Laredo, after all.


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