Saturday, January 27, 2018


It was last May that LCC carried out its "reorganization plan."  Administrators' contracts were not renewed and the college was done having the Health Services Department around anymore.  [Full disclosure: I was part of the Health Services Dept.]

Almost a year after, I've come to terms with the decision made by those at the helm at LCC.  However, I can't understand how the college is still charging students a fee for something that doesn't exist there.

Apparently LCC is charging $5 per student, per semester, for Health Service(s).  I don't know how college brass can justify this fee.  There must be something that I don't know.

Campus police officers were tasked with responding to medical emergencies when Health Services staff wasn't on campus.  But if somebody in their custody was hurt or had a medical issue to address, they would call us to assist.  I have no idea how campus PD is faring now without the resources that were there once.  

I'm sure LCC heads can give us a clever answer as to why they're taking money from students for a phantom line item on their printouts.  And I'm sure they can explain why they still have a fee for Health Service for a department specifically called Health Services, the one that is not there today.

Only they know.

Ricardo Solis described Health Services as a luxury.  I hope he enjoyed his time at La Posada, courtesy of the college district taxpayers.  The president's house on campus wasn't up to his standard, supposedly, and thus needed particular accommodations.  

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