Thursday, December 21, 2017

It's Taking Shape: House On Chihuahua

(courtesy photo)

District 3 Councilman, and man who is desperately trying to keep a secret, Alex Perez spoke to the media recently about the anticipated completion of his pet project on Chihuahua St.  He mentioned the work that has gone into the dilapidated house behind him: plumbing, roof work, hype, etc.

The windows and doors are on order, apparently, and the property should be ready for public viewing early next year.

I don't think the house is going to be what people think it's going to be.  Every time I pass by it, I can't help but focus on the cracks between the house and steps.  I'm probably wrong, but I think the house will be touched up on the outside, dressed up with some light fixtures, and be more of a backdrop for giddy passersby to take selfies with.  Oh yeah, and then there are the gardens.  People will flock.