Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Laredo Institutions Now Gone

Holloway's Bakery closed for good one week ago.  The closing came without warning, aside from a statement posted on the front door.  The photo of the door/flier was shared on Facebook.

In 2010, the owners made a declaration for all to see: here to stay!  That was when the Guadalupe overpass was being erected directly behind the bakery.  They weren't budging; the overpass would have to bypass them.  Unfortunately, all things come to an end.  The owners of Holloway's realized it was now time to move on.  

For the residents of the Heights, 3 Points and El Chacon, the nearest bakery now is Quickie Bakery on Corpus and Malinche.  The natives will make the necessary adjustments, but what will become of the iconic Holloway's location?  My fear is that it will become a gambling joint like other Laredo institutions that have gone the way of the buffalo, if you will.

I don't know when it was that Roli's dance hall closed and became a casino.  On McPherson, Cotulla Style Pit BBQ was razed in 2012.  A new building came and part of it was leased for use of gambling machines (photo below). 

Another joint that was turned into a casino was Pelican's Wharf.  Remember that one?  Kelly's Western Wear (formerly Shakey's Pizza) is on the verge of closing.  Could gambling machines be in its future?  

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