Sunday, May 14, 2017

Same Old Drivel

South Texas jerk off Jay St. John is back in town.  The loutish sexagenarian appeared alongside Sergio Mora in a Facebook live broadcast Friday evening.  Mora and John used to be regulars on morning drive radio.  Laredo's lack of public radio outlets and political talk drove me to tune in to the show, which will have a nightly presence online on weekdays.

My thoughts on Friday's preview: how can I get that hour and a half back?

Sergio and Jay laid out their plans for the show, noting that they'll shoot for having their voices on social media and terrestrial radio, simultaneously.  They're embracing what technology has to offer.  The downside is that Jay St. John brings back the tired tropes he was known for: insulting everyone and offering little proof of anything.  He brings no new information to the fold and I feel like I lose IQ points every time I listen to him.

Listen at your own peril.

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