Thursday, March 9, 2017

Opens Next Thursday

When my mom took us to the Riverdrive Mall, she would drive down Main Ave. to get there.  The route probably helped her avoid much of the traffic on Laredo's other, much busier streets, but Main also took us straight to the J.C. Penney parking lot entrance. (see photo above)

El Penney had good stuff, and they had lay-away, a valuable service for a single, working mother.  

When we accessed the mall's lower level parking lot, our exit route was usually the Davis St. thru-way.  That took us back towards the St. Peters neighborhood.  My mom also shopped at the stores downtown, like Bealls, Richters, Sears, and so on, but I don't recall if we toured the entire business district all at once to make our purchases every weekend or so.  

Just as we came in, we had to go out through the narrow streets of downtown.

The new outlet mall, which opens next Thursday, will have access roads on its periphery, but only one direct road that looks to serve as an entrance: Santa Maria Ave.

We'll find out next week if Santa Maria will have the capacity for egress, and whether it will provide access for motorists heading to bridge 1, into Nuevo Laredo.  Stay tuned.

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