Sunday, February 19, 2017

All That's Left

This house is located on the corner of Victoria and Davis Ave.  It's been vacant for as long as I can remember.  Pretty soon, it seems, it will meet the same fate as the Webb County Courthouse Annex: demolition by neglect.

I don't expect this unique estate to be restored, and I'm definitely not suggesting that any local governing entity should take ownership of it.  All I can do is archive the Laredo that I know at the present time, and take note of how some properties don't stand a chance, whether that's through necessity or a lack of will.  

There used to be an old church right across the street from it.  I recall it standing, also abandoned, in the early 1990s.  All that is left now is an empty lot.  


  1. That building was but not long ago, maybe last year? One of the contractors I worked with said he was asked for a quote for repair. Hoping for hope!

    The church that was across the street burn down, remember? It also took a few groups from some of the LISD buildings.

  2. Would love to find a photo of the church that stood there. I don't remember the fire.

  3. It happened while I lived here so it can't be that long ago. I'm sure LMT archives which show when the fire occurred and some of the LISD buildings that were damaged. I lived on Houston street at the time and had embers fall on the roof, too.