Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Memory Lane: Pla-Mor

(Clipping from a Martin H.S. yearbook)

I never bowled at the Pla-Mor Sports Center.  Come to think of it, I never skated there either.  I do remember loitering around the premises, and occasionally taking in a movie, or taking a ride on the go-karts they had outside the facility.  That was a lifetime ago, like, Christopher Reeves-era "Superman."

Today I learned, through the LMT's obituary section, that Floyd "Hank" Henry passed away.  Sadly, the passing of his wife Shirley is also acknowledge in the obituary; they're pictured together.

The tribute reads as follows:
Their lives were filled with many adventures, buying the only bowling alley in Laredo, Texas in the 60's and continued building bowling centers throughout Texas until they retired in the early 90's.  
I always thought that Roque Vela Sr. owned the Pla-Mor, but apparently it was Mr. Floyd Henry.  It would be nice to get more details about the facility.  I have some memories about it, but I don't remember when it closed or when I stopped going there.

Hopefully, with time, more pieces of information will come this way and I'll add to the legend of the Pla-Mor.  

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