Monday, January 23, 2017

Meddling In Things

Judith Zaffirini got top billing in yesterday's Laredo Times.  Her words, regarding the Judge Jesus Garza extortion scandal, were put forth.
Following the indictment of local judge Jesus "Chuy" Garza, state Sen. Judith Zaffirini called his court "the absolute worst in the state" and a "textbook on cronyism"
Garza is alleged to have solicited money from an attorney in exchange for appointing said attorney to the case involving the C.Y. Benavides Jr. estate.  Judge Garza was indicted and turned himself in to authorities on January 12, 2017.

Zaffirini's comments are harsh.  Laredo politicians usually don't take on such a tone when opining on their peers' corrupt ways.  But counsel's words have been noted, and they'll serve for future reference.
The senator is adamant about having Judge Garza removed from the bench.  Again, a strong stance against a colleague, considering the man hasn't had the opportunity to state his case before a jury.  Her interest in this matter, however, has deeper ties.
Zaffirini's husband, Carlos M. Zaffirini Sr., represents Leticia Benavides, wife of Carlos Y. Benavides Jr., in mulitple civil cases involving Carlos Y. Benavides Jr.'s estate, according to court records.
Ah, and there it is, the connection.  Judith Zaffirini wants to throw her influence around by demanding that the judge be removed from office; And she's quick to point out all the reporting deficiencies in Judge Garza's office.  But she's in no hurry to recuse herself from a matter that her husband has a stake in.

Judge Jesus Garza's office may be the worst in the state, but who is Judith Zaffirini to want to tell people what to do when she has an obvious conflict of interest before her?  The senator has a lot of gall putting in her two cents worth.  Given her history with other people's estates, she should be the last one to chime in.

We have to trust that the justice system will judge "Chuy" Garza.  Judith Zaffirini's meddling we can do without.  She should stick to patting herself on the back and doing whatever it is she's used to doing.


  1. Judy also needs to stop meddling in the Plastic Bag battle. Why is she so involved? She is meddling because she appointed the only dissenting voice to the ruling on the Fourth Court of Appeals. How dare anyone oppose her or her appointee's views even though bag bans violate state law, laws which she was elected to uphold. Maybe she should spend her time looking into the ridiculous number of Laundry Mats popping up all over Downtown Laredo.

  2. I found it amusing that in her 'amicus brief' regarding the plastic bag ban appeal, she started off by recounting her long tenure as a state senator. She's so full of herself. When you say laundry mats, are you talking about actual laundry mats or places that launder something different?

  3. Not Laundromats. I am referring to the Urban Dictionary definition of "Laundry Mats", "Goes in dirty, comes out clean". Everyday, another long-standing store closes in Downtown Laredo, and everyday another two Casa de Cambio open up. Might as well combine 8-Liners with Casa De Cambios, double the wash in one stop.

  4. No kidding! Those Casa de Cambios are everywhere with new ones popping up in the most unexpected places.