Wednesday, December 21, 2016

No End To Tacky

The Super S grocery store on Clark and Springfield started selling off its merchandise at the end of January.  They decided not to renew their lease and left las lomas without a supermarket.  Since then, the property's owner has been making some upgrades, or sorts.

New fencing and garish accents have sprung up all around the property.  Roof corners now have brick peaks.  There's an American flag with an eagle on top, to tie everything together, apparently.

And next to the former grocery store is an enclosure for an RV.  I'm guessing security guards will be on the premises around the clock, and they'll have their own digs.  (I'm sure that installation passes local building codes.)

The owner will make any and all modification he sees fit.  He's done the same at the house on Corpus Christi, and at the old J.C. Martin house.  I'm just bemused by the need to make changes where no changes are warranted.  It's apparent that money is no object, and taste is lacking.  But where does it all end?


  1. Let's be clear here. Super S did not have a choice. Their lease was not renewed by the new owners and their closure helped create an I'll-timed food desert in a census tract that contains one of Laredo's large public housing complexes. The owners original plans were to create a bingo hall on that property - whether that will materialize or not is yet to be seen. Unfortunately, you can't turn back time and undo the damage of having removed a store with fresh fruits and vegetables for the last year. That desert became even larger with the closing of HEB downtown. The Super S store closing was unnecessary and hurtful to the community.

  2. I stand corrected: it's the owner of the property that's a dick. Would be interesting to know how the residents of the Colonna are coping. There are 3 smaller stores along Clark that may be serving that community. I'll work on that blog post in the coming weeks.