Wednesday, December 14, 2016

He's Back, Sort Of

It seemed like Tom Wade, local Teabagger, had dropped off the face of the world a couple of years ago.  His ultra-conservative views were on display in local protests, on AM radio, and on his Wake Up Laredo blog.  But one day, just like that - *poof* - he was gone.

On Sunday I come to learn why he's been absent: he was caught stealing money from the Laredo Rifle and Pistol Club (LRPC), an organization in which he had command of its finances.  Wade, according to reports, also had not filed any documentation with the IRS for three years.  That lack of disclosure led to the LRPC losing its non-profit status.    

Last week, Tom Wade pleaded not guilty to the charges.  A pre-trial hearing is set for February.

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