Wednesday, October 26, 2016

But Then You Make Me Crawl

Just when I thought things couldn't get any more complicated for Marcus Holliman and Saul Villarreal, we get a report of them trying to oust the owner of the Laredo Lemurs baseball team.  The affair has all the trappings of a he-said/she-said spat.

Team owner, Arriana Torres, alleges that our dynamic duo tried to sell the Lemurs without her consent.  When she tried to get rid of Holliman and Villarreal, an investigation was conducted by GR Advisors (Franklin, TN).  The inquiry suggested that Torres' involvement with the Lemurs organization is all a scam.

Only they know what's really going on.  What I wanna know is who in the world are GR Advisors?  Who can tell me that?

I'll end this post here, hoping that more information surfaces soon.

(By the way, these 2 knuckleheads are the same ones who are mismanaging the recycling center for the City of Laredo.)      

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