Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I Looked Away

Photo via the internets

My interest in professional sports doesn't go far beyond football.  It's the one sport I've kept up with since grade school.  One aspect of the game that I find unsettling, however, is showboating.  I can't stand tasteless celebratory acts, even when they're done by players of my favorite team.

Last night Antonio Brown burned a Redskin defender and scored a touchdown.  After the play, Brown did some sort of twerk/Kegel/pelvic thrust move.  That's how he celebrated.

It's real easy for an NFL game to turn into a circus.  For that reason, I propose that the league do away with the pre-game formality of playing the National Anthem.  Get rid of that solemn ritual; It has no place in a setting where grown men are going to act like brutes.    

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