Friday, September 23, 2016

Everyone Loves It

(Fox 39 story from last week)

Alex Perez speaking on the restoration of the house on Chihuahua & Seymour.
We finally started the project.  You know, there's a lot of interest in this house, you know.  On Facebook, at city council meetings, there's a lot, a lot of interest.  We've been at this already for four years.  Finally you can see a big change in the gardens.   
It used to be an old abandoned house.  Now it's looking like, you know, people are paying attention to it.  The flowers everywhere are blooming, you know; the people pass by, they're honking.  It's gonna be a great project.  This house has been around (for) since 1920 so it's about 100 years old.
A destination spot for the public.

(courtesy photo below)

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