Monday, August 8, 2016

Downward Spiral For Abby Catt

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A blog reader called my attention to a story from this weekend: the one about the couple who pulled a gun on a person at a convenience store on Santa Maria Ave.  No injuries were reported.  But the would-be thieves were apprehended by authorities and charged with aggravated robbery.

Another story to fill the police blotter archives.  The interesting thing here, however, is that Abigail Catt has a history of being an accomplice in other heists.

ABC News ran a story last year on Abby Catt as she was getting her life together after a stint in jail.  

She spent almost three years in an east Texas facility for being the getaway car driver in a couple of bank robberies.  Her partners in crime were none other than her father Scott and brother Hayden.  Dad had some experience in this field, having pulled bank jobs in Oregon.

Abigail Catt was given a chance at a normal life, thanks to the kindness of well-meaning individuals.  Somehow she ended up in Laredo, helping to rob people at gunpoint.

The Catt family had a storybook life in Oregon.  But things fell apart, it seems, after the passing of Abigail's mother.  Beth Catt died of breast cancer at the age of 32.

Abby had it all.  Her story is an example of how our lives can be turned upside down.  I wish her luck.

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