Tuesday, July 19, 2016

We'll Pay Big

Alex Perez still has a couple of years left on city council and I guess he wants to impress his Heights area neighbors by attempting to clean up the Carranco's mess of a building, the old Mercy Hospital.

The facility was vacated in the fall of 1999.  It never saw another bright day again.

Instead of forcing the owner's hand, the city thinks it's a wise enough idea to tackle the problem on its own.  Perhaps they're right.  It could be that city hall can put the building to good use in some type of public capacity.  It's apparently of no value commercially.  My reservations, however, lie with the manner the City of Laredo has managed other properties they've acquired in the past.  Their handling of other locales leaves much to be desired.

It's apparent that the old hospital needs to go.  But far be it for me to have a say in anything.  Only our city leaders know what's best.  I'm just waiting for someone to say that the facility will be dedicated to something for the arts.  That seems to be the go-to answer for other buildings.  


  1. If the City does buy the building, it will just be another fleecing of the taxpayer. They will end up leasing it to the same entity that leased the El Portal Retail Center and the taxpayer will never see any return on investment and then they will just allow the leasee to simply walk away with no questions asked or answered. I also hear that Charlie San Miguel already has dibs on naming the building after his dog.

  2. Hey, Bernman, you're on a commenting roll. I appreciate the input. It'll be a fleecing and in so many ways. First they'll pay too much for the property. Then, if they manage to find a use for it, it'll be even more money to renovate it. And once it's put to use, the leasing will be mishandled. The city doesn't have the balls to have the place condemned and torn down. I think they give themselves too much credit.