Monday, July 25, 2016

For Posterity: Water Bill Edition

I'm posting two old water bill statements for future reference.  The bill at the top shows a trash fee of $9.00; that one is from 2012.  Currently, our trash collection fees is $16.50.  My water use has stayed relatively stable.  That's a good thing.

I don't have a lawn, by the way.  (I use a lot of native plants)  


  1. Well the trash business is expensive and so is running a landfill. I used to work there and did some research to compare garbage fees in other communities and we were the lowest by far (back when the fee was $8.50). I think 16-20 was the average and one a day pick ups as well. We were enjoying the low prices thanks to all the commercial trash we were receiving at the city owned landfill. That pretty much subsidized our fees. Now that there is another landfill, there is less commercial trash coming to the city landfill as well as less money.

  2. When the city was discussing hikes to the garbage fees, they also were considering charging for the use of recreational facilities. Now, if you want to go play tennis at the Market Tennis Courts, you have to pay a small fee per hour. I understand that it takes money to keep things going and maintained, but the attitude that city officials took was a little annoying.

    Somebody brought up the idea of giving elderly residents a discount. (One city that I wrote about previously charged residents on a sliding scale, based on their property size.) But the city manager [Villarreal] nonchalantly said that the elderly will get a discount somewhere else. His was a dismissive tone and it bugged me.

    When all of this was happening, the city was facing a big deficit, much like the county is right now. Money makes things go 'round; That's fine. Raise our fees if you have to, but then don't go on and congratulate yourself (city officials) for not raising taxes.

    Thanks for the input.