Saturday, July 16, 2016

At Corner of San Bernardo And Scott

The Jesse Martinez shop closed earlier this year.  As you can see from the photo it's being taken apart.  The 'revitalization' of the downtown area and San Bernardo continues.  I took the photo after getting something at Wendy's next door.

Image below via Google Maps.


  1. Is it "revitalization" as a product of Roberto Balli's futuristic renaissance or is it actually the dismantling and death of Downtown Laredo (or near Downtown). It all looks and feels like a funeral to me. I just hope I live long enough to actually experience this so called renaissance.

  2. I'm not convinced the downtown area will actually be revitalized, not to the point of its heyday. The outlet mall may see some success, but it's a tall order to have that project have some type of trickle down effect.