Friday, July 15, 2016

A Felled Tree

I planted a pirul tree for my grandmother about thirty years ago.  It stood splendidly along the fence line, attracting passersby to its low-hanging branches which hovered over the curb.  Any bold pedestrian took to grabbing a cutting from the tree.

For those not familiar with the tree, its branches have a supposed cleansing effect: If you're going through a rough patch, a barrida with a pirul branch will free your body of bad vibes, seemingly.

The rough winds that landed in Laredo on June 28 dealt our tree a fatal blow.  It endured three decades of brutal Laredo heat.  It stood a soft feature against the rough edges of my barrio.

My grandmother's former property is more bare now.  The vestiges of a former time are fading.  The family tree, like our featured blog post specimen, has lost a few battles lately.  From here until my own demise, I can only honor those that brought me to this point and the things that brought us together.

Thank you for reading.

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