Friday, April 8, 2016

This Lady In Red Sees Red

Last Friday, Univision Laredo went down to the Webb County Tax Assessor's office to record some interesting activities.  The report didn't disappoint as one Patricia Barrera (tax assessor) spoke in her usual animated style.  Check it out.

She said:
Por favor, firme esta petición para darnos la oportunidad de tener un discurso de lo bueno y lo malo.  Lo que orita existe, en un tiempo se necesito, pero hora ya estamos pa'tras con el patron system.  Nomas que hora son ocho cabezas; Y un monstruo con mas de una cabeza es muy peligroso.

The ocho cabezas this lunatic lady is referring to are the Laredo City Council.  Apparently she doesn't think highly of her downtown neighbors.  The whole lot at city hall is apparently corrupt, the way the famous J.C. Martin entourage was.

Anyway, Ms. Barrera invited Moving Laredo Forward to her office to use county resources to collect signatures for their petition.  With enough signatures, MLF gets the chance to put their agenda items on the November ballot, one of which is forming a hybrid city council: four assigned district representatives and four at-large representatives.  Currently, eight council members represent a separate section of the city.  MLF's hope is to get their plan in place for voters to change the city charter come November.  And they have Patricia Barrera in their corner.

Several things are bothersome here, the tax lady's flippant behavior being part of it.  Ms. Barrera seems to think that all is fair on her turf; She can invite anyone to set up shop at her doorstep.  So she does -- And she invites Moving Laredo Forward.  And MLF thinks, yeah, that sounds like a plan.

It's an interesting time in Laredo.  We've gone through a turbulent stretch in recent years, and now we're witnessing a good boat rocking of sorts.  Change is sometimes a good thing.  But you have to have a reasonable approach, and not shrill tactics that make the senses fail.  

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