Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Struggle: Perez Must Check In

(courtesy photo)

This morning’s congressional debrief included a number of guest speakers brought in by host Congressman Henry Cuellar.  Melissa Meyer, the Senior Congressional Liaison at the Texas Department of Transportation met with members of the delegation and addressed them this morning.

That was part of a press release provided to local media outlets (or people like me who just want to know what's going on).  Our city leaders, along with County Judge Tijerina, have been in Washington this week, talking with federal officials about ways of bringing home the bacon.  All the photos that get filtered down to us are usually of our reps conversing with various D.C. types.  

One particular photo seems unremarkable, until you take a close look at what my own council member is doing.

Alex Perez apparently has no qualms about using his cell phone during an intimate presentation.  That's how he rolls.  Everyone else in the front row seems to be listening intently to the female speaker; But not Perez.  He's got to check how his stocks are doing, or something.  In all fairness, he could be checking in on a pressing family matter.  (But if that were the case, why would he be in a meeting?  In Washington?  On a Wednesday?)

Our elected officials will soon be home with their continuing education certificates in hand.  They'll be able to relax in their own homes after a grueling week of sightseeing stuffy meetings in our nation's capital.  The struggle is real, ladies and gentlemen.  Next time you see one of our leaders, thank them for their traveling.    

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