Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Every Breath You Take

Last year things came to a head in paradise when the county auditor was ejected from a commissioners court meeting.  It came after the auditor, Mr. Leo Flores, had several run-ins with Commissioner John Galo.  Flores was viewed as insubordinate, and Galo took offense to him many a time.  The soap opera was so tantalizing that I thought it merited a timeline.

Since the auditor's ejection  (June 22, 2015 to be exact) Mr. Flores had been in exile, thanks to the handy work of John Galo and County Judge Cayetano Tijerina.  They requested that the DA's office get involved to investigate the auditor.  Mr. Flores was accused of misappropriating county funds.  After eight months, however, a grand jury didn't find sufficient evidence to indict Flores.  He's been cleared for now, but a bumpy road lay ahead for all parties involved.

If and when the auditor returns to work, reporting to commissioners court, he'll be kept on a short leash, so to speak.  Every action the auditor makes will be closely examined, even if those that will keep a watchful eye have egg on their face.

Eventually we may know the full truth, but for now, it seems that the county judge and John Galo were too hasty in casting out the county auditor.  They were so sure that Mr. Flores had committed a heinous transgression that they were quick to throw the book at him.  The evidence against Flores, nevertheless, was lacking.  Tijerina and Galo come out looking incompetent and petty through all of this.  Galo more than anyone seemed to be acting out some personal vendetta against Flores.

I'll watch out for the next meeting to see what kind of tone the convo takes.  I'm not expecting anyone at the dais to apologize to Mr. Flores; Egos, after all, are hard at work around every corner here.  Tensions may rise again, but we'll have to wait to see who'll flinch first.  Oh the suspense.

Politics.  Get involved.

(The LMT reported on the none-indictment February 12, 2016)


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