Monday, January 25, 2016

Bus Bench Blogger

There are 36 days left until the March primaries and things have gotten ugly.  At a bus bench near the corner of San Francisco and Lyon, somebody wrote the message 'Martin Cuellar CHUPA.'  The word CHUPA seems to be in capitalized.  The writer obviously wants the reader to acknowledge the intent of the urban posting.  A love letter, this is not.

I posted this photo on social media for (literal) shits and giggles.  But I tagged the folks over at El Metro so they can rectify the situation.  The message has its merits but a more subtle tact would be wise.  As they say in local school circles, think of the children.

Early voting starts soon, so exercise your right to vote.  And report any vandalism you come across.  If there's anything we have to avoid, it's the giant sucking sound (trademark Ross Perot) of apathy that pervades our community.  Hashtag: CHUPA.

UPDATE: July 20, 2019

Vintage El Metro photo found online.

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