Tuesday, December 1, 2015

There Used To Be A Cigarroa Field

A family member shared with me a copy of Martin High School's "Laredo Journal."  The paper is dated Wednesday 16, 1974.  The main story notes the changes that had taken place in the LISD athletics program at the time.  For Shirley Field, seating capacity was increased and facilities were added.  The upgrades would provide the Martin Tigers and Nixon Mustangs a main field to share and compete from.

Concern from both sides eventually surfaced.  Nixon parents were wary about letting their kids go "down to Shirley."  And Martin-ites didn't want their east side rivals playing on their turf.  Nixon, however, didn't have proper facilities to host football games; They only had Cigarroa Field.

I was confused by the mention of Cigarroa Field in the Journal story.  As far as I knew, Cigarroa High School didn't open until 1983.  But it turns out that a football field located next to Nixon H.S. had the name Cigarroa in it.  Local attorney Armando Lopez explained the field's history as such:
When Nixon was built, they had their own football stadium for a bit. It was called Cigarroa field and the Mustangs used it as their home stadium until about 1973 or 1974 when Shirley became the central LISD football field. For a while it became know as Montes field, named after David Montes, a current Nixon teacher who became paralyzed playing football in the early 1980's.
Good summation, counselor.  And yes, the field was eventually dedicated to David Montes in 2005.

Fellow blogger Maximiliano recalls Cigarroa Field being a shabby locale.  It hosted locals games, nevertheless.  Max shares:
I remember attending the Martin-Nixon game at Cigarroa field in 1970, with Martin winning 14-8 during a very windy and blustery night.
LISD now has several top-notch football fields to host games.  Nixon's field, on the other hand, was being encroached on by portable teaching rooms in 2012.

In all my life, I've never attended a game that took place at Nixon HS.  I've only known Shirley Field to be the main arena for many sporting events.  Laredo football, obviously, is made up of so much more.

(Image above via LISD newsletter)

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