Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rangel Running

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Laredo council member and snappy dresser Esteban Rangel is all in for the County Commissioner Pct. 1 race.  The primary election is just 3 months away, but the ambitious Rangel is spending mightily on his campaign.  Around town you see large billboards, bumper stickers, people holding signs, all to promote the candidate.  It's pretty aggressive campaigning, I think.  Usually it's not until 30 days before an election when candidates start making their push.  Economics plays a role in that.

Rangel apparently wants to get out ahead of the pack.  Whatever that means.

Rangel's website calendar so far has nothing scheduled for December.  He's probably been busy.  It doesn't look good, however, for someone who is looking to take on another full-time job.  Give us a hint, sir, that you are the man for the job.  Empty website pages don't bode well for anyone.

He should still be the Transportation Director for LISD.  How is he going to juggle that responsibility with that of being a commissioner, basically having 2 full-time jobs?  (your thoughts, Jaime Canales)

The candidate's future is not set in stone yet, so let's just look back on Rangel's last five years.

  • October 2010 Interviewed as candidate by Laredo Times.  (wins election)
  • November 2011 Urges action on Mami Chulas joints and its expressive dancers
  • August 2012 LISD appoints Rangel as Crime Stoppers Coordinator. (tenure short-lived)
  • January 2014 His car is stolen while he's in a meeting at city hall.
  • October 2014 His pay as a council member is called into question.
  • November 2014 wins re-election
  • April 2015 Rangel's face on south Laredo library billboards seen as self-promoting
  • August 2015 Suggests city take over Rio Bravo water plant.
  • November 2015 Announces bid for county commissioner.

Enjoy the campaign season.

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