Wednesday, December 16, 2015

End of December

This day in Laredo history:

December 16, 1996 City council discusses discrepancies at the Fleet Management Division.  Then-councilman Louis Bruni questioned why repairs on police cars cost more than the cars were purchased for.  The case is reminiscent of the street department investigation that Lawrence Berry conducted in the late 1970s, where rampant corruption was discovered.  In the 90s, however, nothing became of anything, as far as I know.

Yesterday, former mayor Raul Salinas stopped in at the KGNS studios, with fresh eyebrows and mustache, to speak to Richard Noriega.  Salinas is apparently going to conduct his last toy drive for the needy.  In the interview, he managed to say 'there is' five times.  No Raul Salinas interview would be complete without him saying FBI at least once.  Thank you for what you do, sir.  Keep rambling on.

In Tuesday's Laredo Times, Kendra Ablaza reported on the Webb Co. water plant:

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality said it's found eight new violations at the Rio Bravo Water Treatment Plant, Webb County officials said.

Some problems drag on for local governing bodies, but this mess with the county water plant seems to have no end in sight.  Mike Montemayor might exit prison one day, and we'll likely still be talking about the water plant in Rio Bravo.  It's tragic because people's lives are immediately affected.  County has to make clean water its number one priority.  Christmas is ten days away, however.  I would be surprised if county commissioners would have one more regular meeting before calling it a year.      

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