Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Taking A Knee (In The Giblets)

Image above courtesy of the Laredo Times

It was 2008 that I ran my first Guajolote 10K race.  It was the first time I ever took part in any organized long distance meet.  I was proud of the accomplishment.  But more interesting was just being a part of this Laredo institution.  The inaugural Guajolote 10K took place in 1979.  There I was 29 years later, running alongside la raza and marveling at the logistics of it all.

This year there seems to be something oddly afoot*.

When I saw the photo (above) in the Times this weekend, I thought back to my experience with the Guajo race.  Something seemed off about the announcement but I didn't pay it too much mind.  The turkey foot with a sneaker appeared a little crass, but I just owed that to the generic whims of the organizers.

It turns out that whomever is organizing this year's race has nothing to do with the original planners.  Apparently the Hamilton Trophy family that started the Guajolote 10K decades ago is not spending their Thanksgiving 2015 with the running community.  Instead they're spending on ad space to say that they'll be back next year.  They also go on to distance* themselves from the impostor who's supposedly carrying the torch* for the yearly race.

Numerous questions abound.  Why is Hamilton Trophies sitting out this year?  Who is Santiago Sanchez?  And how many racing puns(*) can I make?  This odyssey might go the distance*.

This holiday season I'm taking part in a more low-impact meet.  As for the case of the Guajolote 10K, I'll sit back with popcorn in hand and see what transpires.

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