Wednesday, November 4, 2015

On This Day In 1988

(Photo recovered from the murky depths of the internet)

A blog reader shared with this corner the day that U2's "Rattle and Hum" movie debuted at a theater at Mall del Norte.  Our faithful follower became an avid U2 fan after the success of "The Joshua Tree."  Oh sure, the band was on regular rotation on MTV in the early 1980s, but their fifth studio album struck a chord with the Laredo native.  To see them on the big screen was akin to making out to one of their concerts.

What the fan recalls from that fateful night is that Martin and Nixon met for their yearly face-off at Shirley Field.  Unfortunately, a local game of football was no match for a group of Irish rockers on a huge screen.  Our reader, with friend in tow, opted for the rockumentary, but they got so much more.

Once inside, they were treated to door prizes courtesy of KRRG 98.1 FM staff.  A source confirmed with this writer that the station went by the handle ENERGY 98 at the time.  That was when they played rock and pop music.  Kirk Davidson, Program Director at KRRG, was present at the movie premiere.  He emceed the event and handed out U2 merchandise to some lucky moviegoers.  

1988 is a long time ago and many things have changed.  U2 is still creating new music and packing stadiums.  And coincidentally, they're appearing in a new documentary that will be featured on HBO very soon.  ENERGY 98, however, has gone in a different direction.  Their frequency is still around, but the format is now country, and they no longer broadcast from downtown Laredo.  The whereabouts of Kirk Davidson are unknown.  If you know where he might be, drop us a line.

The Martin/Nixon game is coming up in three days.  Some Laredoans will surely forego that game again and instead wait to enjoy the sights and sounds of U2, even if on the small screen.  Funny how some things stay the same.  Rock on!

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