Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dead Tree

Courtesy photo

Laredo was struck with windy conditions and a chance of rain Monday afternoon.  A huge dust cloud blanketed the Santa Rita area before sunset.  (that's south Laredo, yo.)  Alas it was all a teaser.  No measurable amount of rain fell on our beloved hamlet.  All I found in my backyard were things tousled about.

At the city cemetery a dead tree was toppled.  From the photo above, the tree appears to be a heavy, tall liability.  LaSanbe news did not receive word on any damages or injuries.  What's clear is that the cemetery grounds are in questionable conditions.  The dry grass is understandable; we practically live in a desert.  But there's no reason to have dried-out trees in place in public venues.

Last week I read a Letter to the Editor in the Laredo Times from a person who was complaining of the regrettable condition of the Catholic Cemetery landscape.  The writer described how some parts of the cemetery were bone dry and devoid of grass, while others were watered regularly.  My personal preference for a more xeric cemetery landscape aside, I do agree that a more attentive attitude should be taken with our local camposantos.  Gawd forbid someone should be injured because of lax procedures.  I'm sure the last thing the city wants is a lawsuit.      

Be aware of your surroundings at all times.  You never know when a tree might fall.

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