Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Is Their Motive?

Just as Esteban Rangel wants to score political points with the people in Rio Bravo and El Cenizo, I think that Roberto Balli is trying to do something similar.  Rangel proposed taking over the water plant in El Cenizo, TX to make life easier for Webb County officials.  Rumblings around town have indicated that E.R. is planning a run for county commissioner.  That remains to be seen.  Me thinks his plan for the water plant is a ploy for him to look good with the constituents of south Laredo and Webb Co.

Balli, on the other hand, wants to install a fitness center for senior citizens at the vacant Southern Hotel, a property that the city owns, apparently.  While I think the idea has some merit, my cynical side nudges me into thinking that Balli would have at his disposal a place to influence elderly voters.  For his runoff contest, Balli treated adult daycare members to a party where he offered gifts to those who attended.  If he had a captive audience that he could manipulate, he could easily cruise to victory for another term.

In 2008 I posted a story about voters being assisted in voting.  Again, it was the elderly that were being led by the hand, literally, to cast a vote.  It seems that Laredo politicians will stop at nothing to gain an advantage.

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