Monday, August 3, 2015

This Day In Laredo: August 3

The Laredo Lemurs played their first game on May 17, 2012 in Laredo, but it was on August 3, 2011 that the team name and logo was unveiled to the public.  The Laredo Broncos, who played at West Martin Field for five seasons, started their last stretch of games in August 2010.  At that point, the City of Laredo was already working to part ways with the organization.

$23 million in construction costs later, naming rights for Eduardo Garza (Uni-Trade) and three years without me setting foot inside the baseball facility, I couldn't tell you anything about Lemurs baseball or if the whole scheme was worth it.  For now, games are being played at Uni-Trade Stadium; however, what the public response is is beyond me.

Other fun fact: On August 3, 1983, the unemployment rate in Laredo was 27.2 percent.  (peso devaluation)

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