Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Things Changin'

San Bernardo, aka La Sanbe(r), is seeing some changes.  The development of retail and hotel space is coming along ahead of the outlet mall, which will be located at the site of the old Riverdrive Mall.  Pictured above is the new Best Western located on San Bernardo Ave. and Sherman.  The landscaping, which is one of the last things to go in, has been installed.  I applaud them for using native plants in their design.

The Best Western is about 1.5 miles from downtown Laredo.  It'll make for a convenient stopover for shopping tourists.  Good luck to the new Sanbe resident.

Before Best Western became a reality, the city block was occupied by El Cortez Motel.

(courtesy photo)

El Cortez had seen better days.  About two years ago I posted photos of an abandoned Cortez that had turned to blight.

My mother shared with me her experience working at El Cortez when she was a young lady.  My aunt and uncle also worked there before they were married.

 New things are upon us throughout the city.  We here at LaSanbe headquarters like to look back a little.  Enjoy.

Image above added on 11/11/2018.  Image via Google Maps.

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