Monday, June 8, 2015

The First One Closed

The Laredo Times reported yesterday that the original Danny's Restaurant, located in the downtown area, closed its doors and moved its operation two blocks south.  Danny Lopez opened his first eatery around 1983.  Now if people in Laredo's business district want to sample his now-famous cuisine, they'll have to do it at the old La Roca location, right next to the transit center.

I used to like going to the downtown Danny's because of its slower pace.  I frequent the downtown HEB for the same reason.  Shopping downtown affords you a certain level of anonymity.  You're almost assured of not bumping into somebody you know.  I'm not anti-social; it's just that I like to take care of things without having to engage in chit chat sometimes.

I'm not sure when Danny's on Juarez Ave. opened but I may be able to find out when it exactly closed.

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