Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Some Carry On With Grace

Photo via El Manana

The Supreme Court went public early Friday with the ruling that made same-sex marriage constitutional in all 50 states.  A 5-4 vote made it so.  Within hours, county clerks throughout Texas began issuing out marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.  At least one holdout (Bastrop County) requested an opinion from the Texas Attorney General.  Travis County officials, however, announced that they were going to start handing out marriage licenses at 10:30 a.m. Friday.

It wasn't until later in the afternoon that we learned what was happening in Webb County.

Local television outlets were slow in airing news of the first couple married locally (pictured above).  On social media threads, commentary was mostly positive about the developments, but a couple of people made it known that they weren't having it.  They went all wrath-of-God with their opinions on Facebook.  And our local bishop was none too happy either.  He was disappointed.

   It was truly an historic day for the nation, and for Laredo.  I was frankly surprised by the response for marriage licenses that day.  With Laredo being so conservative, I didn't think more than a handful of couples were going to opt to get married Friday.  But it happened and it's in the history books now.

County Judge (name) Tijerina was quoted in the Saturday issue of the Laredo Times as saying:

I will not discriminate anyone who chooses to marry under this new law.  I have, however, taken myself off the official list for spiritual reflection on the issue.

Judges Joe Lopez, Liendo, and Hale performed ceremonies on Friday, but Tijerina needed a time out.  County Clerk Margie Ibarra never flinched.  She carried out her responsibilities with great aplomb.  She said to KGNS, I never mix government with religion.  I was elected to perform a job.    

Kudos to her and to all who acted with grace towards our brothers and sisters.

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