Monday, June 22, 2015

Sacking They're Not

I've been using bags made of canvas, vinyl, even a 'ruede' since before the plastic bag ban was to take effect in April.  What I have found amusing is the way checkout clerks have gone about sacking my groceries.  For one thing, two-liter soda bottles aren't being placed in my reusable bags, even though they don't have a handle like gallons of milk or liquid detergent containers.  Yesterday, however, they took it up a notch.  I was disappointed that the clerks didn't bag several of my purchased items.  (see photo)

Perhaps they're seeing more people not bringing reusable bags into the store, and thus, they just place customers' goods back in the cart.  I don't know what their thinking is, but I want the practice to stop.  If I have plenty of room in my tote bags, then I want all my stuff sacked.  I don't want to have to pull over to the side after paying and proceed to bag items myself.  

If this keeps up, it'll go with the motto that I think Laredo should adopt, and that is: Laredo, expect less.

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