Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Looking Good

It's been over a month that the city has been encouraging the public and retailers to use anything but plastic bags when shopping locally.  The bag ban hasn't been enforced yet, because of a pending lawsuit.  The citizenry, nevertheless, has made adjustments; and now the City of Laredo has put out a press release to show how good their idea is working.

Behold! (pictures above) how cleaner our environment is now because of people using less plastic bags.  I say less because some establishments are still sacking customers' purchases in thin plastic bags.  It's truly remarkable, the before and after comparison.  It's night and day.

The cynic in me thinks it's all a choreographed move from the city to help the public along in making the change to reusable bags.  And perhaps the judge that is set to rule on the lawsuit against the city can be swayed with the 'irrefutable' proof that the bag ban is worthwhile and legitimate.

Don't get me wrong - I'm down with the plastic bag ban.  It's just that the images the city provided for local media outlets are suspicious too good to be true.  This town definitely has a trash problem; And the city tries to keep up.  The problem is that local public spaces don't stay litter-free for too long.

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