Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Shirt Off My Back

Stripes, or better yet, the Laredo Taco Company, recently raised prices on its breakfast tacos.  It used to be that two egg (insert accompanying ingredient here) tacos cost $1.61.  That price included tax.  Now two tacos cost $1.92.  This change I noticed about three weeks ago.  A 31-cent increase is something you take note of quick.

The spike in price is somewhat steep.  But judging from the long lines that still form for tacos at the  store, it looks like customers are taking the increase in stride.  The service at the Stripes located at the entrance to Santa Rita has always been excellent.  And the food choices have been very good.  I just hope prices stabilize for a while.

Next up, a color scheme that evokes the memory of Charlie Brown's shirt.  Photo taken at Santa Fe Park in south Laredo.

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