Saturday, March 21, 2015

Potential For Zacate Creek

(Blog photo from March 30, 2009)

Yesterday marked the first day of Spring.  The weather has been mostly gloomy lately.  An occasional sunny day has popped up, but the recent rains have made things unpredictable.  The bright spot in all of this is the proliferation of wildflowers throughout town.

The flowers pictured above I saw along Zacate Creek, near Saunders.  And in another section there were different varieties.  This year I've enjoyed other wildflowers that have come up in south Laredo and in an area near the cemetery.

Bluebonnets were spared the mower along Zapata Highway.

Public spaces have so much potential to become showy, wildflower meadows for the public to enjoy each Spring.  Natural displays like the ones pictured above require some planning and care.  However, not much elbow grease is needed.  I've observed that some wildflowers, like the Indian Blanket above, have spread throughout the Santo Nino neighborhood, sometimes into vacant lots.  I think we as caretakers need to know just when to stand back and let nature take its course.

Currently in the Zacate Creek (between Saunders and Lyon St.) you can enjoy a smattering of perennial wildflowers, but they're located on the creek slopes.  The lush presentations of years back are not in view because those patches are the only ones that have been extremely mowed down.  Perhaps the areas have been prepped for an Easter showcase but I'll know in a couple of weeks if those former flowers come back.

Varieties of wildflowers are already in place along the creek.  I think we just need to guide them in spreading farther and wider.

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