Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Faces With Old Problems

VIDA, a local watchdog group, met recently to plan a course of action heading into the future.  The organization was sidetracked in 2012 when Eduardo Garza, of Uni-Trade fame, sued them for defamation.  But now they are looking to reorganize and recruit new members.  VIDA will make a public announcement soon to invite the community to take a more active role in what happens in Laredo and Webb County.

One of the issues that VIDA is looking into is the revenue that the cold storage facility brings in for the city.  Garros Services (Eduardo Garza) was awarded the contract to manage the facilities back in 2012.  According to a VIDA representative, the city made $59,043.00 from the cold storage facility lease last year.  Garros, on the other hand, made $413,106 in 2014 for managing the facility.  The facilities cost $9 million to construct.  But those are small details, according to Carlos Villarreal.  (see video below)

Jesus Olivares and Carlos Villarreal were okay with the deal the city (and Garros) got.

The new mayor and city council will soon hear from VIDA.  The city will have to be reminded that people haven't forgotten about this.  So stay tuned to see what's next, and if you want to get involved, get ready.

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