Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Things Go Boom

Something that recently got me back to blogging was every story of people crashing into things and causing major damage.  I've tagged these type of posts Laredo's Greatest Hits.  Even if property destruction is not reported by the media, you can tell when a vehicle and driver have done wrong.  Heretofore I have found inspiration for my blog.

Photo above courtesy of KGNS.

In the first photo you see a gate that was destroyed at our local airport.  A young woman, drunk, smashed her way onto a restricted area.  Not really sure what the motivation was for the errant driver.

Next we see a fence that's been hit one too many times by careless drivers.  It's located on south Meadow Ave.  When the owner of the property talked to the media, he lamented having spent so much on putting up another fence.

A crash that wasn't reported is the one that took down part of the Meadow bridge railing (below).  This I noticed a couple of weeks ago.  The city will get to the repairs some time soon, I guess.  2015 is upon us and I'll be on the lookout for other crashes.  I just hope I don't get caught in the crossfire.

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