Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lemurs Debate

Mr. Armando Cisneros witnessed an event at the last council meeting: Leaders approved throwing more money at the Laredo Lemurs, even though attendance is poor.  He's dismayed at the lack of thoughtfulness regarding the operation of the baseball organization.  But at least one councilman was quick to give the Lemurs what they want.
Councilman Mike Garza took that brief silence as his cue.  Garza, ever the veteran politico, snuck in a sudden motion to approve with Esteban Rangel providing a quick second.  With almost lightning speed, Council member Perez, Narvaez, Vela and Liendo made it official.  The Lemurs had just succeeded in once again eating the taxpayers' lunch served up on a silver platter by our own city council.
Mr. Cisneros asks Mayor Pete Saenz to veto this decision.

The veto will likely not go anywhere, but questions have to be asked, especially when money is being poured into a venture that shows little sign of succeeding.

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