Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An Historic Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be an historic day in Laredo: city hall will canvas the votes of last week's election, and Pete Saenz will be sworn in as our new mayor.  Three city council seats are still up for grabs, including that of incumbent Alex Perez.  The runoff election is scheduled for December 20, 2014.

Mr. Perez is asking for a recount, because he was, supposedly, six votes away from victory.  He garnered 1,161 votes (49.89%) to Abey Lugo's 945 votes (40.61%).  Ulises Salinas got 221 votes.  It's obvious that Alex Perez wants to avoid a runoff, but I'm not sure if he can request a recount.  Perhaps if he pays for it, it's possible, but does he really have a say?


According to the TX Secretary of State website, there are grounds for a recount.  Abey Lugo could request a recount because the vote margin between him and Perez is less than 10 percent.  I don't know if Perez is allowed a recount because he was six votes shy of a win.  Again, it could happen if he pays for it.

In the runoff election, Ulises Salinas' 221 votes are up for grabs.  That's enough to tip the election.

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